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Label Applicators

Hand Held Label Applicators

For hand-held labelling, Burratronics offers the Digra-Pack rechargeable hand label applicator. Starting with the DP25, the Digra-Pack comes in a range of models to suit different label sizes.

Featuring an automatic waste roller, the Digra-Pack hand label applicator reduces the amount of rubbish in your packing shed by rolling up all the waste – a feature many of our customer praise. The Digra-Pack is equipped with an automatic sensor, as well as a soft tip to avoid damaging fruit when applying labels. Increase efficiency with the Digra-Packs high speed and accurate labelling.

Digra-Pack Rental

Don’t need a label applicator year round? Register your information to be notified when rental label applicators are available.

In-Line Label Applicators

Burratronics (in partnership with WDP) can offer the Hadran In-Line label applicator range for a range of different fruit graders.

Hadran in-line labellers offer a high speed solution and support multiple lanes.

Labellers can communicate with some graders directly (such as MAF Oceania) for an integrated solution. For other graders that aren’t electronic or don’t offer communication, sensors can be used to detect fruit.

Sample Labelling Videos

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