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BurraLabel Fruit Traceability System

BurraLabel: On-Demand Labelling and Fruit Traceability Software

BurraLabel is an on-demand label printing system designed for use in the Australian fruit industry. It is currently used in a variety of packing sheds with different varieties. If you’re looking for an easy to use and featured fruit traceability program, book your consultation today.

BurraLabel was initially developed with the input of farmers across the Atherton Tablelands to meet their needs and requirements. Since then BurraLabel has continued to grow and evolve to ensure it meets the needs of a wide range of industries and fruit types—still with the feedback of farmers and packing houses.

BurraLabel comes in many configurations and setup types, for more information call Burratronics on 07 4092 7038 or contact us here.

BurraLabel Fruit Traceability System on-grader touchscreen keypad and printer station
BurraLabel Fruit Traceability System sample mango tray labels

Tray Labels

Labels are printed on demand at the packing station.

Each Label may include:

  • Retailer Barcoding
  • Retailer serial/item codes (SKU)
  • ICA-compliant labelling
  • Picking/harvest and/or Packing date
  • Fruit Size and variety
  • Grower, Packer and Receiver details
  • Batch numbers
  • In-House tracking serial number and barcode
  • Customer graphics or branding
  • Country of Origin Label (CoOL)

On-Grader (Multi-Lane) Setup

BurraLabel Fruit Traceability System on-grader touchscreen keypad and printer station

BurraLabel Touchscreen (single button setup).

BurraLabel offers many different setup and configuration options.

On-Grader (or Multi-Lane) setups include touchscreen keypads at packing stations along your grader.

Touchscreens can either be single button configurations (one size & quality per screen) or a ‘Dual Button’ (ID) which allows two sizes/qualities to be assigned to a single touchscreen.

Dual button setups can also allow less screens and printers to be used in your installation which allows for a more cost effective solution. 

Multiple BurraLabel Touchscreens (keypads) can be assigned to one printer.

BurraLabel dual button (keypad ID) setup - allows for two sizes/qualities per screen.
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