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BurraGrader is an electronic weighing system for new and old weight graders. Conversions have been successfully carried out on Granite Engineering Graders, GP graders and some self-built graders.

BurraGrader is software and hardware operated, weighing fruit and distributing each fruit to correct packing station. Drop gates are solenoid operated to ensure each fruit arrives at the relevant bin(s).

With our easy to use BurraGrader systems, there is minimal downtime. The software can be run on any standard windows based laptop or desktop, so in the event of a failure it can easily be swapped out – no waiting for custom systems to arrive.

BurraGrader allows you to easily change your weight plans or reassign weights to different bins/stations – all without having to stop your grader. With BurraGrader there’s no need to bring your entire pack house to a standstill and lose valuable time manually changing weights.

  • Electronic grader upgrade
  • Computer operated
  • Weighing fruit and distributing to correct packing station
  • Drop gates are solenoid operated.
  • Mechanical work can be done by an outside engineer, contract labourer, or yourself  (the quality of this work may affect the quality & accuracy of the grader).
BurraGrader weight grader conversion PCB Boards

BurraGrader Control Boards

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